An Australian Story?

I wasn’t sure I would ever write an Australian story.

Okay, I’m Australian born and I love my country. But these facts didn’t necessarily mean I would get to write a story set in my country. Why?

Well, I’ve always stated that I don’t think up stories they present themselves to me and I do my best to add the words to the mental movie I’m provided. I’ve never had to think up a story. They just arrive as visual images. Sometimes they are fast and furious, annoying and intrusive, and sometimes they are in pieces, the beginning, the middle and the end, and not necessarily in that order.

Then one day along came this  Australian story. The images were profound and powerful. I could smell the sea and hear the waves. The visuals were so strong I had to stop writing my second book in the Starchild series to purge the overwhelming mental pictures that were overtaking the usual fantasy world I had come accustom to receiving mentally.

These powerful mental visuals are the stories that have to be written. They are meant to come to life. They are meant to be told. The beginning of this story came to me exactly how it is told in the manuscript.  I did ditch a sub-plot, feeling it would overcomplicate the storyline. That’s something writers have to do sometimes for the greater good of the story.


The theme of this story is coming of age.  It explores subjects that are important to me. The subject of mental health, drug addiction and abuse will always be  important to me, because still to this day,  they come with this mark of disgrace or defect. And that needs to change. I have volunteered in my community for over three years with a fantastic organisation that cares about people from all walks of life. I’m also studying counselling majoring in clients with addictions. So I have a vested interest in people and my community.

This is a story that’s meant to be told. The structure is sound.  The characterisation is being developed a little further but the dialogue is natural and realistic. It’s always been visually Australian and I’m very proud of this style. I’ve included interesting and engaging language under the watchful eye of my fantastic editor, Candice Lemon-Scott.  If I can give every writer one piece of great advice it is “find a good editor and listen to what they have to say.” In saying that, finding a good editor is not always that easy.

A good editor will be mindful of everything. Most editors will help you grow by challenging you to work harder. A great editor cares about the story, the theme, the characters, the structure, the dialogue, the language, and the grammar and spelling.

I’ve always been a highly visual writer. Which means I sometimes miss the little things, like transitions for example. Mostly this is because the visuals from which I’m writing flow quickly from one scene to the next. Which means sometimes I have to be reminded that readers need a subtle understanding of one scene to another.  It can be as simple as writing  “The next morning”  or it can require more work to help the readers move through the transition with the characters. This is where a good editor can help remind you of what you have missed.

Now I’m almost finished reworking my first official Australian story. Soon it will go out into the world. That in itself is something I can be proud of achieving. But for all the writers who are just beginning to dabble in the craft of creative writing I have included a great list of writing tips from the website called Writing Forward.  You can find them here.  All these tips are relevant and worth remembering if have the passion to write. 

Until next time, be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.


  1. I can’t think of a better place for a story to come from. Congratulations on bringing it to fruition.

    • Hi Christina, thank you. I’ve enjoyed writing the whole thing from beginning to end.There’s lots of real life blended through the story. Years of listening to people and their different experiences has certainly helped bring these characters and their situations to life. I’m also co-writing a screenplay based around the story now. 🙂

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