Building #Networks and friendships with Interviews and conversations. #Community

We, the human community, are now living in a transitional world. Models of distribution and creative mediums are changing. Reaching out to one another is a wonderful way to help stay connected to the “here and now” of this changing environment and help our community to grow. Interviews with people and sharing our own ideas is a wonderful way to do this. Whether a person engages on a local, regional or global level is entirely up to them.  Bloggers today can stay “on theme” about subjects that will continue to expand their social networks. Other bloggers, like me, tend to escape the “on theme” environment occasionally, which in my case is writing, and engage in interviews with people not in the writing world. Those people who are working in different areas of the arts, music, fashion and design.

While these areas of interest are indeed different from one another they still require the quality of being creative. And this is the quality that interests me.  Exposing the talents of others to the world  is important to me. Because?


Interviews are a wonderful way to meet interesting people, build networks and develop new friendships.

Below is a selection of interviews I have done over the past few years.  I’ve been lucky enough to interview a music producer, a jewellery designer, a  caricaturist and tattoo artist just to name a few.  I will continue to interview people who embrace the quality of being creative. The  interviews I do arise from random connection or from me connecting with the artist’s work in some way. I embrace these moments in time and the connections that present themselves. This is how I work creatively.

My Interviews.

Russ Wood, Indie musician/producer with unique style and sound, blending electronica, tribal grooves, funk, rock,  and world music.

The interviewArtist Interview: Russ Wood, Indie musician & producer

FaceLogo600x600Artwork by Chilean artist, Laura Trisot for Russ Wood

Donna Sparano – Lauria is a spiritually influenced jewellery design company founded in 2010 which is designed by gifted Medium Donna Sparano.

The interviewArtist Interview: Spiritual Jewellery Designer, Donna Sparano


Bracelet by  Donna Sparano.

Joanne Brooker, The Brooker Studio is a collaboration of professional artists providing quality artwork, education and ideas to corporate, government, educational institutions as well as general public. They specialize in caricature, illustration, design, art tutoring, art workshops, personal art tutoring, photography and caricature entertainment.

The interview – Artist Interview: How does the artist SEE your face?

Caricature of me_cropCaricature of me by Joanne Brooker

Chaz Orr, tattoo artist extraordinaire and up-and-coming entrepreneur who is venturing into the world of fashion.

The interviewThe Evolving Art of Tattooing – Interview with Chaz Orr

 IMG_82176442320961Tattoos by Chaz Orr

Some of my favourite interviews about me.

iCreate Content Online  – Social Media and the Network Community. Marchi has been working in the field (Social Media) for several years.  She is interested in everything internet and technology related.  She interviewed me some time ago to help others get an insight into fellow users’ views and interests, in regards to the online world and its use.

The interviewSocial Media and Vacen Taylor

Vacen Taylor

Gold Coast Writers Association – The Gold Coast Writers Association (GCWA) is an organisation that encourages and supports writers from all genres, age groups and levels of writing to grow, learn and excel in their craft.

The interviewA Conversation with Vacen Taylor


Simon Brushflield  –  is an artist exploring the abstract visual landscape. He work is filled with colour and interesting shapes, intermingled with suggestive ideas that potentially trigger the viewer’s imagination for something personal in their life.

The interviewHow a Quiet Mind Determines Creative Quality


Women Writers Women Books – Online literary magazine by and about contemporary women writers from around the world.

Women Writers Women Books “Reflections on Literary Creativity



So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.


  1. Love that you embrace creativity in all its forms. I’m with you, interviewing such a diverse group of people must’ve been inspiring. I will gradually look through this selection.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment June. I learn something each time I do an interview with another wonderful creative. I’d recommend you pick what might interest you. Lot’s of different creatives in that group. Joanne Brooker was wonderful to interview and she provided me with a caricature of myself. That was very nice of her and very cool to have done. 🙂

  2. The tattoo interview is my favourite but I also like the music producer interview too. Love what you do Vacen.

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