Fresh New Take On #UrbanFantasy. Who’s Afraid?

Today I have someone very special for you to meet. I first met Maria Lewis at a literary luncheon and we continued to stay in contact with each other. As Maria nears the release of her debut novel I thought it was time for you all to meet this wonderful young woman. An interview with […]

The Evolving Art of Tattooing – Interview with Chaz Orr

Today I’m delighted to be interviewing Chaz Orr, tattoo artist extraordinaire and up-and-coming entrepreneur who is venturing into the world of fashion. 1. Firstly, could you tell my readers a little about Chaz Orr? My name is Charles (Chaz) Orr. I’m a 31 year old tattoo artist from a lil place called Mount Maunganui in […]

Artist Interview: Russ Wood, Indie musician & producer

Today I’m delighted to be interviewing Russ Wood, Indie musician/producer with unique style and sound, blending electronica, tribal grooves, funk, rock,  and world music.    Thank you for allowing me to interview you today, Russ. 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to it Vacen, as it’s a great opportunity for me to tell your readers about […]

Artist Interview: Spiritual Jewellery Designer, Donna Sparano

Today I’m talking with Donna Sparano of Lauria Jewellery. I had the pleasure of meeting Donna with her wonderful mother one day while having coffee with my friend Karen. It was a very fortunate discovery that happened purely by accident. Sometimes the most fabulous moments are when universal forces bring people together. Thank you for […]

Artist Interview: How does the artist SEE your face?

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Joanne Brooker from The Brooker Studio. I was also lucky enough to have her create a caricature of me. From the little devils in my curly hair to the shape of my nose and chin, Joanne’s understanding of how we see faces provided me […]

Artist Interview: Simon Brushfield What inspires you?

Guest Post by Artist Simon Brushfield I am often asked this question… “Where do you get your inspiration from Simon?” My response is simple. Firstly, from people. Secondly, from experiences. And in that order. For example, when I was in Indonesia, the people I met were inspiring. My local Indonesian friends were surprised by my […]