May I #LeadByExample in 2016

My hopes for 2016.


May I lead by example and not simply lead at the front.

IMG_6707My daughter and myself volunteering at Schoolies 2015

IMG_7462Our Rosies night outreach team supporting the homeless and vulnerable in the community in 2015.


May I forgive the people who have hurt me. But if I choose not to be around them ever again then that is my choice.

Yes, I’ve been hurt like millions of others out there. Let down when I’ve been loyal. However, this is where my Capricorn sign kicks in. I read @capricornquots via Twitter this:

is not big on second chances, when something is over, it’s over. You must to be a real special person if we go backwards.


May I continue to reach out to those who need assistance and support without me requiring any form of praise but do so because it feels right to me.

Giving my support to other authors and volunteering at art and pop culture festivals. This feels right to me.

IMG_7019Being around my wonderful author friends, Dimity and Kate.

IMG_3937Volunteering for the arts. Swell Sculpture Festival.

IMG_4221Volunteering at Comic Con

May I continue to be surrounded by people who love life, humanity and storytelling as much as I do.

I am blessed to be associated with so many wonderful writers, illustrators and poets.

IMG_7005Authors: Me and Kate

IMG_3351Authors: Me, Angela and Candice

IMG_2055In 2015 Gold Coast Writers Association celebrated 25 years


May I write one story this year that touches the hearts and minds of many and helps them to consider things from another point of view.

I do hope my one-act play will be something unique when it’s fully developed.  I was lucky enough to get some wonderful feedback after its submission into a UK theatre program.


Some of the adjudicators comments:

Powerful points are being made here about the difficulty of removing oneself from one’s past and creating one’s own future – and the script has all the trappings of a sharp Renaissance morality play.
Love is an eternal subject that always engages audiences. Everything was written an nothing was written, when a new voice is found.
Imaginative, different and original. I liked the eerie painting, what it depicted, as well it screamed subtext. The Veritas character was interesting, especially how it would order the characters to “speak” and physically manipulating them into certain positions outside their awareness.
This is an ambitious idea which is not without potential. The reveal about Emma being a ghost is interesting, as is the interaction between the characters and the audience.

And lastly, may I let go of the year gone by but celebrate all the things I have experienced and people who touched my life in 2015… the people I adore.


So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.

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