Swelling with #Sculptures on the Beach

The art of creating two or three-dimensional abstract forms is no easy task. Whether the artist is working with wood, stone, metal or plaster it usually always requires a purpose and a subject, not to mention, a lot of hard work. Of course sculpture today has freedom to be constructed from any material the artist wishes to use.  A sculpture may also be formed by whatever process the artist may choose, welding, carving, molding, casting just to name a few.

Every year for the past three years I’ve volunteered for the Swell Sculpture Festival. It’s been a privilege to watch this wonderful event grow and thrive.  For ten days the Currumbin Beach is transformed into an outdoor art gallery like no other.



In the welcome message from Natasha Edwards, Director of this event, she states, “All sculptures posit an idea, an observation, a truism, an irony, an absurdity, a flight of fancy, a contradiction, an affirmation of what they represent by stepping into the minds of these brilliant artists it allows us to tap into our own thoughts and aspirations.”

I do think that covers a huge scope of subjects and no matter who you are there will be something that draws you into the artist’s world, and perhaps, have you thinking.  Being an author myself I know and understand the power of stories. All sculptures have stories.

While helping on install day I had the pleasure of talking to Suzi Lucas.  I asked her about her sculpture titled, I am Mum. Immediately we had a real connection because we had both lost someone we love. Suzi had lost her mother only 18 months ago and I had lost my father early this year. Both of our parents had been diagnosed with dementia.  I can’t explain in words what it’s like to watch someone you love drift away, change or forget you. However, Suzi did understand because she had experienced it too.  I found a special connection to both the artist and her work because this was also my story.  I understood her celebration and the expressed emotion she was telling through her sculpture.

IMG_4049I am Mum by Suzi Lucas

While the Swell Sculpture Festival brings art to the outdoors it also has a wonderful program of events from twilight sculpture walks, artist talks, claymation open air viewing, music in the sounds of Swell and buskers.  There are masterclasses and workshops for both children and adults.

I was lucky enough to assist at one of the children’s workshops.  This ‘Artable Sculpture Workshop’ was for the children to discover their talents and enjoy the art of creating sculpture. And what fun they had too! From ages 5 to 15  this workshop took the children through each step of creating their own wonderful dog or cat sculpture.

IMG_4051Dogs and Cats created by the children attending the workshop.

Whether you are an artist yourself or simply a lover of the arts you will enjoy viewing all of the wonderful sculptures as you walk along.  Or you can sit back and listen to the sounds, salute to a sculpture or sing up the sun. There is indeed something for everyone.

I’ll leave you now with a few more photos of sculptures from the Swell Sculpture Festival.

So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.


The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas

IMG_4047Blowing in the Wind

Isaac patmore

IMG_3934Ivan Lovatt with his beautiful work titled, Magnificent.

IMG_4044King Coal

Louis Pratt


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