A writing project in #8words by Queensland Writers Centre #change #love #home #play

Do you have an #8wordstory busting to get out? What would you write about? Which category/prompt would you be writing about?   #change #love #home or #play Southport I was very grateful to judge Nick Earls for selecting my story to be broadcast on the GOA digital billboards in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. […]

Creatively – Reflecting Back & Looking Forward #PastYear #New Year

At the end of every year I talk about New Year resolutions.  I don’t make them.  Now this is just me and I’m not saying resolutions aren’t a great way to start working on goals. Resolutions do work for a lot of people. Write a book. Get fit. Climb a mountain. Whatever rocks your world. […]

Swelling with #Sculptures on the Beach

The art of creating two or three-dimensional abstract forms is no easy task. Whether the artist is working with wood, stone, metal or plaster it usually always requires a purpose and a subject, not to mention, a lot of hard work. Of course sculpture today has freedom to be constructed from any material the artist […]

The Evolving Art of Tattooing – Interview with Chaz Orr

Today I’m delighted to be interviewing Chaz Orr, tattoo artist extraordinaire and up-and-coming entrepreneur who is venturing into the world of fashion. 1. Firstly, could you tell my readers a little about Chaz Orr? My name is Charles (Chaz) Orr. I’m a 31 year old tattoo artist from a lil place called Mount Maunganui in […]