Trust in the crazy moments #BeingAFearlessCreative #TheAbstract

Creating something that the viewer understands can be even more powerful in the abstract form. But it’s no easy task.  The elegant balance of creating something that viewers will be intrigued by but also understand is the challenge. However, I’m a great believer on not planning everything in a creative concept. And the reason is? […]

Be a Writer of Relevance. #Diversity #GlobalCommunity

E-motions… all writers should understand the affective state of consciousness, happiness, fear, hate, gratitude, desire, denial etc., to the best of their ability. One of the reasons I chose the studies in counselling and now in families and community service is so I have a devoted understanding of the framework of human development, vulnerability and […]

Emerging playwright? What I have learned. #Feedback

This year I decided to write my first one-act play. I had no prior experience in writing a play for the stage. To be honest, I had to Google what a “one-act” play was all about. I had written several feature films and had my first short film script accepted into a international film festival, […]

What I Owe The World #OnWriting

The world owes me nothing but I owe the world my best work. #amwriting I’ve spent the last year writing numerous projects. Several short film scripts and a collaborative effort with another author on a feature film script, all of which  have been submitted into different festivals. I wrote my first one-act play this year. […]

What you need to know about #PersonalTraining with Jeff Hall. #PartTwo

Last week I spoke to Jeff about personal training and personal trainers. Today Jeff answers questions from some of you, my readers and friends. If you missed part one you can find it here Candice and Jeff. Photo by me,V First question is from Diann. To lose weight, what ratio of cardio to weight training […]

5 Things To Help with #Focus and Your #Centered Self. #Life #LivingBeyondTheCurve

Life will always throw you a curve ball. That curve ball does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time. The trick is not to become discouraged when it happens. I’m not saying don’t allow yourself to feel upset, confused or whatever emotion you need to feel. It’s important to express your emotions. […]