Understanding Abstract Poetry. #Writing #Rhythms

So you want to write an abstract poem? Well, I was lucky enough to have a poem selected and published in an art and literature journal this month. The theme was abstract.  The art and literature journal was ArtAscent. Let’s begin with understanding abstraction. Anything abstract often exists in thought or having no particular concrete […]

What is creativity? #WritingWithColour #Children

Someone once said to me, “Anyone can tell stories.” And that’s true. I’ve spoken at many schools about each of us being storytellers in some form.  When I conduct workshops for children giving them the task of creating a character and then developing a story they always rise to the challenge. I am continuously astounded […]

Why Not Try #Poetry… If You Dare

I have attempted to write poetry for years and years. And I do mean attempted. I’ve failed at many of those attempts. To be truthful I’ve never felt like I really succeeded at writing a great poem. Yet I continue to try. Some have been good, some readable and some deleted in frustration after hours […]

What you need to know about #PersonalTraining with Jeff Hall. #PartTwo

Last week I spoke to Jeff about personal training and personal trainers. Today Jeff answers questions from some of you, my readers and friends. If you missed part one you can find it here Candice and Jeff. Photo by me,V First question is from Diann. To lose weight, what ratio of cardio to weight training […]

5 Things To Help with #Focus and Your #Centered Self. #Life #LivingBeyondTheCurve

Life will always throw you a curve ball. That curve ball does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time. The trick is not to become discouraged when it happens. I’m not saying don’t allow yourself to feel upset, confused or whatever emotion you need to feel. It’s important to express your emotions. […]

Words. #Life and Living.

I’ve just finished writing a series of short stories and each story takes the reader on a journey that passes through the different genres of horror, fantasy or sci-fi. I wanted to write an anthology that explored the subjects of love, loss, curiosity, revenge and there’s even one story that explores greed, corruption and our […]