Women who dare to be bold and brave #International #WomensDay #CreativeLife

Once we would find storytellers sitting under a tree with pen and paper, digging through the story scrabble of consequences, conflicts and conquests. Most of those storytellers were men back in those old-timer days. It’s true to say that some of my most beloved stories were written by men and some of my favourite poetry […]

The Nature of Things. #Writing #‎NaturePhotoChallenge‬

Recently I participated in a nature challenge on Facebook. I was nominated by a beautiful friend who lives in America. The challenge was to post one original nature photo each day for 7 days and nominate another photographer each day to also participate. All photos were taken by me.  Some on the iPhone and some […]

What is creativity? #WritingWithColour #Children

Someone once said to me, “Anyone can tell stories.” And that’s true. I’ve spoken at many schools about each of us being storytellers in some form.  When I conduct workshops for children giving them the task of creating a character and then developing a story they always rise to the challenge. I am continuously astounded […]

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues. #AmWriting #Authors

I wrote this piece for a guest blog, however, I thought it would be beneficial to also share it on my blog today. I do think it’s important that writers understand how to cope with rejection. The mental health of writers is important to me, as is, the mental health and well-being of all the […]

Cyberpunk: A Glimpse of the Future

Cyberpunk is known to be a subgenre of science fiction usually with a dehumanised and futuristic society. In a lot of cyberpunk books the protagonist is paranoid or questions society itself. So let’s start with William Gibson who is sill said to be the Godfather of cyberpunk. Many have said Gibson was actually programming the […]