Women who dare to be bold and brave #International #WomensDay #CreativeLife

Once we would find storytellers sitting under a tree with pen and paper, digging through the story scrabble of consequences, conflicts and conquests. Most of those storytellers were men back in those old-timer days. It’s true to say that some of my most beloved stories were written by men and some of my favourite poetry […]

Be More Than… Support Your Community #Volunteering

Supporting, assisting and coordinating are the skills I’m most proud of. Telling stories is another passion of mine. I’ve always believed that having a strong background in humanities and community service aids in my ability to be a better writer. Learning how to assist in enabling people to solve their problems requires a holistic approach, […]

What about storytelling? #Writing #TheMechanics

In the pursuit to be GREAT storytellers most writers will discover a lot about themselves.  The process or journey, whatever you choose to call it, in telling a great story can be difficult for some writers and easy for others, however, sometimes it’s a bit of both. I’d like to say the simple part is […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author

Oh, where to begin on this subject! Let’s begin at the beginning. 1. The first draft is just that, a draft. Nothing less and nothing more. How many drafts will be needed? As many as it takes to get the manuscript to a publishing standard. For some writers that may be just a few drafts. […]

Supanova Melbourne #popculture Odyssey Books and Authors

When the doors opened the murmur of low, indistinct voices filled the venue. People tracked slowly through the walkways. There were those who were curious, the first-timers. Those who were searching for “their place” amongst the continually changing and expanding parts in the vast array of universes we know exist in pop culture. Then there […]

Cyberpunk: A Glimpse of the Future

Cyberpunk is known to be a subgenre of science fiction usually with a dehumanised and futuristic society. In a lot of cyberpunk books the protagonist is paranoid or questions society itself. So let’s start with William Gibson who is sill said to be the Godfather of cyberpunk. Many have said Gibson was actually programming the […]