The Lonely Craft of #Writing

When writers come together it’s a real celebration. Our greetings start with a gentle hug and a certain respect and allegiance overcomes us. We are finally with our writing family. Gradually an excited chatter begins to fill the space as social jabber and writing experiences are exchanged between us.  The loneliness of our secluded office environments, where we spend countless hours writing on our own, have been left behind for now.

DSC06067From left front: Dimity, Vacen, Kate.

From Left Back: Candice, Lucia, Angela.

There are always times when I learn more about people from what they don’t tell me. The art of observation for a writer is an important one indeed. Often when I’m away from the laptop I find myself watching people, looking for connections, enjoyable experiences, habits, body language and those incredible moments that I need to observe to truly understand and perhaps one day include into a book. However, when I’m with my writing family this quiet observation is missing and the enthusiasm of conversation and connection becomes a welcome addition into my life.


When I’m with my writing family I’m reminded that no one is truly alone in their writing journey. If we cherish these times together and embrace these moments we are given the chance to experience real connections with our writing community. This is particularly important when our working life is 80% alone time. Writing books can be a lonely craft. To balance our world we must learn to enjoy and welcome the times when we writers come together. Only other writers seem to understand just how isolating writing can be. Our craft is often built on passion and dedication and both take us into a highest realms of creative thinking. Our focus overtakes our lives and writing words consumes our days and nights. To tell a worthy story, one readers will enjoy, takes time and hard work.  A “No Entry” sign hangs on the door of the office as we writers begin to enter a world we find incredibly hard to leave once we begin.


So when given the opportunity to have a day filled with great conversation with wonderful creatives always take up the offer. I did and it was wonderful.

The day did come to an end and we left each other feeling energised and positive. That’s what happens when creative people come together, we spread the love, support and energise each other.


So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.


  1. Hey V, looks like you all had fun! 🙂

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