What I Owe The World #OnWriting

The world owes me nothing but I owe the world my best work.

I’ve spent the last year writing numerous projects. Several short film scripts and a collaborative effort with another author on a feature film script, all of which  have been submitted into different festivals. I wrote my first one-act play this year. Tagline:  A sinister story about the truth. Admittedly, I enjoyed the process of writing a play enormously. I hope I get the chance to write some more plays.

However, right now I am nearing the completion of what I hope will be some of my best work. A romantic thriller.  Only another month of work and I believe it will be ready for edit. I’m so pleased with this manuscript. Succulent words that have a desirable quality. Male characters that you will learn to love and hate. The female protagonist, a middle aged woman haunted by a failed past is now shadowed by the presence of a vile obsession.


This story has twists and turns but also moments of vulnerability and desire.  I owe the world at least one book that could be classed as my “best of” and I hope this will be close to achieving that. I think every writer tries to achieve a great piece of writing.

Admittedly, a small part of me is in this book. Perhaps giving myself a little to the pages has been the catalyst for this manuscript having a truthful quality about it, but that will be up to the readers I guess.

In the words of my beautiful protagonist. “Our existence is precious. Good and bad deeds add value to the world in one way or another.”

Let’s all try and learn to give the world our best work even if that’s  just in our daily lives. It’s worth a try.


Here is a little sneak peek of what I have to offer in my next piece of work.

This poem will be in the front of the book. #BecausePoetryIsSexy


Dark On Me
I am shadow and it harvests me whole
The cold shade chains me, shackles me
If I stand I will stumble
The fight must be fought, persuades me
I ignite the light so I can see
To let the freedom in, so it can take me

Vacen Taylor


So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.

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