What makes you a confident writer? Part 3

In part one I explored what makes people confident, revealing their capacity to produce results and self-esteem are two vital elements. In part two, I added by including the well-known fact that sometimes the perception of ourselves has a significant impact on how people perceive us. I also included how to recognise what stops a writer from being confident.



What about balance and commitment? How do we balance everything so we remain confident?  How do we stay committed?

Balance is a key element to living well and staying healthy. So this is for everyone, not just writers. Ask yourself this. Is my life balanced? If not, then read on.

The idea of a balanced life will be different for everyone. A person whose life is out of control will not feel or achieve real confidence. Firstly, because they will be less likely to produce results, and secondly, their self-esteem is more likely to be very low.  But there are ways to achieve balance in your life.

Let’s look at what helps you achieve balance and commitment.

Daily routine.

Look at your daily routine. Is it working for you? Are you achieving your goals for the day?

1.      Remember to include nourishment in that routine. Don’t laugh. I know a lot of writers and non-writers who do work straight through their scheduled lunch break. Note: the body and brain needs nourishment to perform well.

2.      Always include one good affirmation a day.  My best friend bought me a box of affirmations for my birthday one year. Each day I change the card and sit it on my desk where I can read it every now and then throughout the day.

3.      Plan your writing day. Each person will have a different approach to this. Some decide on a weekly word count and vary their daily writing targets. Others keep to a set daily word count. Your approach is up to you, but always try to achieve your target.

All the above points (1-3) work towards you having great efficacy (capacity to achieve results) as explored in part one.

Focus on your project.

Staying committed to one project at a time will always see it completed. Don’t take on more than one project at a time. If you do have to take on more than one project, schedule your day to allow time for both projects and sick to it! If you have a day job, balance your writing by setting an achievable completion time.

Focus on you

Make changes to your personal life or situations to help you become more confident.

  1. Seek out positives experiences each day.
  2. Try to avoid negative people or listening to negative talk.
  3. Commit to your own positive self-talk and affirmations.
  4. Always remember to reward and praise yourself. (Don’t rely on other people’s praise) Learn to praise yourself. Only you can decide and experience the way you feel and think.
  5. Greet people with a friendly attitude. Smile.
  6. Be grateful. Say thank you. Give someone a compliment.
  7. Learn to speak clearly and confidently.
  8. Remember the techniques for coping with nerves. See part two.
  9. Embrace your mistakes and learn from those experiences.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Deepak Chopra.

I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires

    Deepak Chopra

Until next time, be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.



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