About Vacen

Official Bio

Vacen Taylor is a published author, emerging screenwriter and playwright, an occasional artist, amateur photographer, wannabe poet and amongst other things a support service provider. Writing works when there’s passion behind it and her stories always touch something in common or speak to the emotions in all human beings. Creating stories with richness and meaning is paramount in her storytelling. Expressing the uniqueness of self in her work using poetry and song is as much a requirement as world building with art and sculpture. All of which you will find somewhere in the Starchild Series.

How did it all begin?

I started writing short stories in 2009 being published in international e-zines and by Gold Coast Writers’ Association. My YA Romanic/Sci-Fi Stardust was longlisted for the QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program in 2010. I was then signed with Odyssey Books in 2012 to produce a series of seven books in the Starchild Series. My debut fantasy children’s book was released by Odyssey Books in March 2013. Since then I have written 3 books in the Starchild Series, 2 short film scripts, collaborated on 2 feature films and written a one-act play. I continue to write…

Authors work hard.  Yes, you read it right! Today as authors we are expected to write, market our work, teach, speak, create newsletters, blog and engage in social media to cultivate a thriving fan base. Authors now look at new ways to engage their audience, cultivate their readers and continue to be creative. Don’t be fooled into thinking that once you become a published writer you just get to write all the time. You will be doing a lot of other things too.It’s also about learning the power of words; perhaps a story that reflects upon the feelings of a person, the emotions surrounding a struggle, a conflict, being or ending a love affair, or even revenge. Most of us who get to pass through our forties have, at some time, experienced any or all of the above. I know I have. It’s about having the courage to keep living, dreaming and growing.

I’m a happy person  

I like to think I’m a happy person with a zest for life. It’s a known fact that “Laughing for 15 seconds adds 2 days to your life span” Now if that’s not incentive to laugh I don’t know what is.  I always try to remain positive and helpful to my family, friends and the larger community.

To write or not to write

This is the question everyone asks at some time if they have the inclination to write a story. Every story has to begin with effort. You can sit back and procrastinate, however, a story won’t write itself. Does it matter if you can’t write very well? My answer: Hell no! Learning by doing is always better than doing nothing at all.  Should I worry about mistakes? My Answer: Just write. How long will it take? My answer:  As long as it takes. Should I know the market I’m writing for? My answer: Yes and No. Yes, it’s helpful to know your market. No, if you’re happy to write what you want.

I have never wanted to nor aimed to write a literary masterpiece. However, I do aim to write one worthy piece before this journey is over for me.  I like the weird, horrible, fantasy, science fiction,  and the wonderful, with the snippiest of nice occasionally. I love horror and I enjoy writing this genre when a story presents itself. I’m captivated by space, science, the unexplained and aliens. I still collect comics and love all things Star Wars. I adore my home country, Australia, and the rich indigenous culture that makes my home complete.

I am very vocal on issues that are dear to my heart. Especially if I believe an injustice has occurred. I don’t move with the crowd or collective mass. I walk to the beat of my own drum. I do micro blog on Twitter and Facebook, but I’m content with a website and writing the occasional guest piece for some of my friends’ blogs.

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Everyone is different

Differences are very important to the world, whether they are physical, cultural, or spiritual, they should be respected.

As a young child I was bullied at school. I’m sure my school photos could tell the story for you. Reading was my way out of the hole I felt trapped in. I started by reading The Famous Five and The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. I then widened my reading to include the series’ of Dr Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. I continued to read widely over numerous different genres, and still do today, both fiction and non-fiction.

I had some very happy childhood times. Mostly they were times spent on my parent’s hobby farm with the horses. My mate, Palomine, was a palomino horse with a heart of gold, a big bold face with eyes that never saw my faults. He was a gentle giant.  The times spent with him were some of the happiest days of my life.

As for bullying … I vehemently oppose any form of bullying. Tell somebody! Don’t put up with the behaviour. Seek help from someone in authority. Talk to family about how you’re feeling. Never believe it’s your fault.  And most importantly, always believe there are people who will help you. You are never alone!

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