Micro Fiction #Writing

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Short bites of speculative fiction with supernatural, scifi, fantasy, horror, weird, superhero and apocalyptic themes by Vacen Taylor

Micro Fiction by Vacen Taylor

  • Bob was reborn as a grasshopper on the road to glory. Two minutes in, he ended up as green muck on a windshield of a car heading to Florida.
  • There was a tree older than stardust. Tom climbed this tree. When he reached the top he saw himself on another world. And he was happy.
  • Underneath her skin there was a violence that no one could see. Bullets held in chambers that fitted perfectly and swords waiting to unfold.
  • You sliced open my chest and cracked my ribs. Then you held my heart in your hand. But when you squeezed it no love came running out.
  • A star flashed and exploded. Speckles of stardust took to the sky to dance. Delighted with her spell Wanda turned her attention to the moon.
  • Behind the Cottage Cheese House at the end of Kurd Sand Way, Takam, the King of goats ruled over his herd. The kids called him father.
  • Military supremacy was everything to Captain Cockroach. With his roach zombie army he planned total infestation. And then, global supremacy.
  • Power stopped in 2098. The internet was dead. E-zines were a thing of the past. Ink and paper found their place in the world again.


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