Storyteller vs Gamer

As a storyteller I will always be invested in creating a good story. Personally, I think game developers need to employ authors and not just game writers to help them with creating their external and internal stories. Here’s a perfect example of why I’m saying this. This is what I look like at level 11 in Destiny.


So, okay it began good… but it’s not Halo by a long shot and perhaps that’s a good thing! However, the internal and external storytelling aren’t really present in this game, which is okay if you just want to shoot the crap out of anything, but not all gamers are invested in a game because of that reason. Humanising a character is more often than not built on values, beliefs, trust and creating relationships… those important intangible things. Story characters also need those tangible things, the things we want now. Which I think, and this is just my opinion, is a driver in gameplay. They want the whole “story” with intangible and tangle events and a great beginning, middle and end. Not to mention I’m already over the horde mode events… they are so predictable. With the hundreds of millions Bungie had to spend on developing this game I would have thought that with each new mission I could at least be respawned to a few more new locations if this is an “exploring the world” game. Oh but wait, you have to buy the expansion pack for that, of course! Come on dudes.

I’m very blessed to be able to talk to my children about anything that’s going on in their world and in mine also. So here’s a conversation shared on Facebook I had with my son (a gamer on weekends) aviation engineer by day about the game Destiny.

We’re talking about what we like and don’t like about it. Here’s two different opinions about a game we both love. Though I’d have to say I still like Halo more.

  • Me: Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game… and fun gameplay. I don’t know everything about the load screen complaints, (not next gen), strikes not rewarding loot (boss battles going on for hours), exotic weapons being incredibly hard to get and characters not being able to trade between each other. I get all that frustration but it still needs a good damn satisfying story to enrich the content.
  • Hayden:  Yeah true one thing to note is that’s there’s freak gamers that play these games non-stop and these days completing a game or acquiring all the exotics/legendary items for them is too easy, so therefore is why the raid and strikes are very hard….for me growing up with games (like u know mum) i find most games quite too easy but destiny is challenging and offers more and new challenges constantly. So now I ve purchased the expansion because there was nothing left for me to upgrade or move on….but now I continue the battle….Loving it!
  • Hayden: So in my opinion $20 for the expansion or 80-100 for another game.
  • Me: I knew you would comment. It’s good to get gamers, (like you) to have an opinion on what works. I’ve found it very familiar to Halo in some aspects but really lacking a storyline. You’re right the challenge is there, the visuals are amazing and the music score is wonderful! And I get for gamers it is about upgrading and moving on. However, I think with the hundreds of millions they had in development funds they could’ve developed a deeper more fleshed out story with lots of other options for players. Not just the same repetitive stuff. What do you think about some characters not being able to trade with each other? See you can have stories behind trading. The more fleshed out the story the more content you have to work with. The more content you have to work with the more options you have for different types of challenges, right? That would be my way of thinking if asked about additional fresh new concepts for gaming. Surely, a gamer would want more than sitting there for hours shooting the crap out of, let’s say a wizard, screaming at the screen “die goddammit!’ or something worse. What do you think should be next generation in gameplay? Story and challenge or just challenge? Some guys were going off about load screen being “so five years ago” not next generation. What do you think? With all that money they had in development?
  • Hayden : Yes true, easier said than done. Glitches are one of the most common problems game developers have to face and to make one without any is near impossible for example the Vault of Glass, for the last boss you could simply push him off the stage with the right equipment. Then Atheon is dead and u have it complete…not to mention all the other glitches people spend so much time figuring out. Then the online capabilities…..think about all the servers and problems that lead to connecting all the gamers together. It’s definitely one big factor. Storyline is great but was enough for me. Too much of a story and not much action is a killer for me. I’m probably not gonna even remember the whole story anyway. The part when you finish a mission and I’m there pressing every button possible to try and skip the bloody movie!! I’ve had every Halo game apart from the new one coming (ps4 now) and if you asked me to tell you about the story, I would not be able to tell you too much. For me it’s about ranking up, having the best equipment, the best weapons, owning in online and getting to number 1!! That’s my competition!
  • Hayden: Trading with other characters is kinda cheating. A weapon well deserved from someone that spent the time and effort getting the weapon can just trade it with someone who has done next to no effort. Or friends giving eachother weapons….like me for example giving you a lower level one of the best guns in the game, so now you have the best gun. Not really fair.
  • Me: Hahaha, pressing every button to avoid the storytelling. Who are you? Are you my son? Seriously, I get that but I don’t mean include those damn movie scenes which btw were crappy in Destiny… the one that tries to tell some backstory about how the traveller came about… blah, blah tells you nothing. It was so bad! I get the whole ranking up and you (the competitor in you) What I mean is include the storyline in the gameplay… trading that could lead to challenges, Bosses having sub-stories for different challenges, some different settings for respawning at least. I get the tech behind it might be tricky too. Remember this is marketed as an “explore the world’ and mystic Sci-Fi Adventure game.  BTW  did you know Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister) is the voice of the ghost?
  • Me: Think bigger than that Hayden It’s real world-building. Do we trade with other countries and people? Time and effort could be spent playing smarter with smarter game options. Keeping the trading on a fair scale. If I was to trade you some feathers you’re not going to trade me diamonds, right?
  • Hayden:  Yes that’s true and the real world means people never willing to do the hard yards always looking for the easy option. I’m certain that people receiving double ups weapons wise your not loosing anything by giving your second weapon away. Therefore not a fair trade but a great advantage for one. Other games involving trading (Foza) I ve played, it killed the game. So when I’ve spent all that hard work and a much lower level has an item (car) much better than mine. Ask him where he got it from…a friend that was nice enough to give it to him. So how is fair! Agree trading is great but not for everything. I’m sure there working on it. Level capping certain items works but there’s always ways around it. Bungie have been reasonably good when it comes to listening to the gamers.
  • Hayden:  Games like this is a first 2. That’s why it’s popular. So it takes time. Just as technology is getting better so will gaming. There is still limiting factors technology wise that limits gaming.
  • Me: Granted, fair trading systems would need to be worked on for sure. I get some players frustration on the loading screen. One guy said, “Wow, we get to watch our ships sit there for 4 minutes.” Nothing has really changed there but what would gamers want and would it be achievable? Perhaps in the future. Still bugs me that it has huge potential for story adding to the gameplay. The concept of the traveller is good and I like the guardians and the ghost but it feels too much like Halo in a way. Yeah, I’ll give them that. Bungie do listen to gamers.
  • Hayden: Yes definitely. Yeah loading screen sucks but that’s a basic cover up of a matchmaking screen to search for a tower to put u in. Will get better in time. not fussed, you can still access ur setting and change ur load out. Yes it does but they will build on it I’m sure, like you said if they want it to last “10 years” they can t just give you everything lol. It s very similar but different. Personally I think destiny is far better and being the same creators does’ t surprise me.

So, there you have it. A conversation between mother and son about gaming, a storyteller vs a gamer.

So until next time. Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to explore new techniques.



  1. I think the gamer won! Great to see you have such a good relationship with your son. 🙂

    • Hi M, I think he’s awesome. I love the way he shares his experiences and ideas with me. I’m blessed with fabulous children. 🙂

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