Artist Interview: Simon Brushfield What inspires you?

Guest Post by Artist Simon Brushfield

I am often asked this question…

“Where do you get your inspiration from Simon?”

My response is simple.

Firstly, from people.

Secondly, from experiences.

And in that order.

For example, when I was in Indonesia, the people I met were inspiring.

My local Indonesian friends were surprised by my feelings towards them because they saw nothing special about themselves. But I fell totally in love with them. Why? 

One world captures it all…


Humble people inspire me every time.

This personality trait is infinitely beautiful and alluring.

It reminds me of a scripture in the bible from Proverb 3:34 which states “God resists the proud but favours the humble.”

A person’s politeness, sensitivity and gentleness has the potential to melt my heart. I am captured by a person’s authenticity. 

Humility compels me to reach out to Indonesian people, to understand and enjoy the richness of their unique culture.

Secondly, experiences inspire me.

For example, snorkelling on the beautiful Indonesian islands was a time I will never forget. Seeing the crystal clear waters excited me. It was like a divine invitation into a watery paradise.

I remember traveling out on a traditional Indonesian fishing boat (like the one below) towards a coral reef and I was sitting on the front of the boat gazing towards the horizon. 


Indonesian Fishing Boat by Simon Brushfield

The heat was intense and the water looked amazing, spontaneously I jumped off the moving boat and dived into the tropical water. The boat driver smiled, I couldn’t contain my urge to surround myself with such incredible natural beauty.

Eventually, we arrived at the coral reef, and began snorkelling.

The underwater scene was breathtaking. Silence. The vibrant colours and beautiful fish filled me with awe and wonder. 

Thinking back to my time in Indonesia… I was surrounded by humble people, and swam in pure ocean waters, enthralled by the divine beauty and colour of life.

These feelings and memories inspire my original paintings.

After these experiences, my creativity grows. I’m refreshed.

The unforgettable special moments of my life, are what I attempt to capture in my original paintings. A combination of these words and my original paintings that can only begin to describe the beauty I see and creative richness I feel.

Below is my original painting titled ‘Coral Fish’.

If you would like to purchase an original Simon Brushfield painting please click on the link below.

Coral Fish by Simon Brushfield


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