First Mental Health Discussion @ OZ Comic-Con #ProgressiveSteps

When I first made the decision to submit a proposal to Oz Comic-Con I wasn’t sure how it would go. I wasn’t sure 1) if the Con coordinators would even consider including the subject of mental health and wellbeing or 2) if anyone would turn up for it. Panel Subject An artist’s guide to mental […]

Women who dare to be bold and brave #International #WomensDay #CreativeLife

Once we would find storytellers sitting under a tree with pen and paper, digging through the story scrabble of consequences, conflicts and conquests. Most of those storytellers were men back in those old-timer days. It’s true to say that some of my most beloved stories were written by men and some of my favourite poetry […]

Crazy Plastic Love… #Playwright #Performance #Reading

It’s always a little disconcerting when you enter a new field of writing. There are so many questions and then there’s the self-doubt when entering unknown territory, however, I wouldn’t be a very good example of my own motivational quote “Be brave and bold in your chosen field of creativity. And never be afraid to […]

Fresh New Take On #UrbanFantasy. Who’s Afraid?

Today I have someone very special for you to meet. I first met Maria Lewis at a literary luncheon and we continued to stay in contact with each other. As Maria nears the release of her debut novel I thought it was time for you all to meet this wonderful young woman. An interview with […]

May I #LeadByExample in 2016

My hopes for 2016.   May I lead by example and not simply lead at the front. My daughter and myself volunteering at Schoolies 2015 Our Rosies night outreach team supporting the homeless and vulnerable in the community in 2015.   May I forgive the people who have hurt me. But if I choose not […]

Supanova Melbourne #popculture Odyssey Books and Authors

When the doors opened the murmur of low, indistinct voices filled the venue. People tracked slowly through the walkways. There were those who were curious, the first-timers. Those who were searching for “their place” amongst the continually changing and expanding parts in the vast array of universes we know exist in pop culture. Then there […]